NASD Guidance On Supervisory Responsibilities

If you are a broker dealer or a supervisor at a broker dealer, I’m sure you have come across the terms Written Supervisory Procedures, Supervisory Procedures, and Compliance Systems. How many of you really know the difference, and before your eyes glaze over the rest of the article, how many of you know how to properly execute these concepts…. I’ll wait…….

Great! Now that I have your attention, there is no need to panic. The following post will walk you through the differences, some key concepts, practice pointers, and other factors you need to be aware of.

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New Product Considerations for Broker-Dealers

What do you do when you add a new product to your firm’s approved offering listing?  How do your reps know that a new product has been added?  Do your policies & procedures even address new products? What sort of training do you provide?  Does your firm need to file a Continuing Membership Application (Form CMA)?  As a compliance specialist for FINRA-registered broker-dealers, we encounter these type of questions from our clients on a regular basis, including FINRA, SEC, and MSRB compliance veterans.

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