Form U5

What is Form U5 and What is it used for?

The Form U5 is the Uniform Termination Notice for Securities Industry Regulations. Upon terminating a registered representative or an investment advisor from a firm, whether voluntary or involuntary, a Form U5 must be filed. The form must be filed in the appropriate jurisdictions and/or self- regulatory organizations (“SROs”). It can be filed electronically with the Central Registration Depository (“CRD”) or the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (“IARD”).  Firms can also submit paper filings.  Filers submitting paper filings should read the Special Instructions for Paper Filers in conjunction with the other instructions to the form. In addition, paper filers should contact the appropriate jurisdiction and/or SRO for specific filing instructions or requirements. Once filed, the individual’s registration will be terminated in the appropriate jurisdictions and/or self-regulatory organizations.

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