Annual Compliance Meeting (ACM)

Annual Compliance Meeting (ACM)

FINRA Rule 3110(a)(7) requires all registered representatives and registered principals to participate, at least once each year, in an interview or meeting at which compliance matters relevant to their particular activities are discussed. Annual Compliance Meetings (ACM) give registered persons the opportunity to regularly discuss compliance issues and assists the firm in ensuring that registered persons remain current on applicable regulatory developments or changes in firm policies. Hosting an Annual Compliance Meeting These meetings can be held individually or with a group and typically take place at a central location or at the representative’s or principal’s place of business. These Read more about Annual Compliance Meeting (ACM)[…]

Supervisory Control

Supervisory Control: The Basics of Rule 3120

Most broker-dealers are aware of their annual requirement to test and document their firm’s compliance program. But, the question remains if firms are meeting the full requirements of the rule. Below are the basics of the former NASD Rule 3012, now FINRA Rule 3120, for establishing and maintaining a system of supervisory control. Read More…


Supervision of Supervisory Personnel

FINRA Rule 3110 provides the requirements for building and maintaining a supervisory structure that is in compliance with rules and regulations. Among other requirements, this rule addresses the documentation and supervision of supervisory personnel in 3110(b)(6). What is FINRA Rule 3110(b)(6)? Rule 3110(b)(6) requires firms to document supervisory functions and responsibilities of each registered supervisory principal. It also establishes procedures to prohibit self-supervision and situations in which the supervisory principal reports to and/or has their compensation or continued employment determined by an individual or individuals that they are supervising. Lastly, it provides a carve-out for those who are unable to Read more about Supervision of Supervisory Personnel[…]

Annual Compliance Meeting

Annual Compliance Meeting: A Retrospective Review

FINRA initiated a retrospective review of the annual compliance meeting (“ACM”) requirement in April 2018. The findings were published on October 18, 2019 in FINRA Regulatory Notice 19-34Although the final assessment indicates that they are determined to maintain the ACM requirement without change, the Notice did provide additional guidance on fulfilling the requirements.

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FINRA Enhances Disclosure Review Process

As I’m sure you already know from reading our previous blogs on the subject, FINRA Rule 3110(e) (Responsibility of Member to Investigate Applicants for Registration) requires that member firms must “ascertain by investigation the good character, business reputation, qualifications, and experience of an applicant” prior to submitting a Form U4 and requesting to associate and register such an applicant with the firm. However, as recently announced, FINRA has made enhancements to its disclosure review process that will make this verification easier than ever.  Such enhancements will allow member firms to rely upon FINRA’s verification process for purposes of compliance with the requirement to conduct a search of public records relating to bankruptcies, judgments and liens.

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FINRA Rule 3110(e): Form U4 Verification Process

In our August 31 post about FINRA Rule 3110(e) (Supervision: Responsibility of Member to Investigate Applicants for Registration), we discussed the necessity of background checks and the expected depth and breadth of the investigation process. Rule 3110(e) also requires that FINRA member firms adopt written procedures to verify the accuracy and completeness of the information in an applicant’s Form U4. Read More…