It has been an exciting year for Securities Compliance Management (“SCM”)

The Ultimate Solution for Compliance Management

It has been an exciting year for Securities Compliance Management (“SCM”). The Firm has successfully: Initiated numerous New Membership Applications (“NMAs”) for new firms seeking the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (“FINRA”) approval, Initiated several Continuous Membership Applications (“CMAs”) for existing firms that are planning to undergo a material change in their line of business operations, Partnered with new broker-dealer and registered investment advisor firms to assist them with their FinOp and/or compliance programs, and Assisted in the buy/sell of existing broker-dealer firms. Along with the new relationships that Securities Compliance Management has established this year, the Firm is also incredibly Read more about The Ultimate Solution for Compliance Management[…]

A summary of requirements for Broker Dealers.

Financial Reporting for Broker Dealers

Financial Reporting for Broker Dealers. When you decide to enter the highly regulated broker dealer world, you must arrange to have the properly licensed people registered with your firm. One of those is a FINOP (Financial and Operations Principal). FINOP’s have either a Series 27 license or a Series 28 license. Your broker dealer’s FINOP is required to submit various regulatory filings to FINRA. Note that hiring a bookkeeper or a certified public accountant will not fulfill the requirement of having a licensed FINOP registered with your broker dealer. A new broker dealer, which is defined as a broker dealer Read more about Financial Reporting for Broker Dealers[…]

Net Capital

Let’s Talk Aggregate Indebtedness

Every broker dealer has at least one thing in common – Minimum Net Capital Requirements (“MNCR”). Whether the firm has a $5,000 MNCR or a $100,000 MNCR, the firm’s FINOP must ensure that the broker dealer is at all times (including intra-day) meeting the requirements set forth by FINRA with SEA Rule 15c3-1. The minimum net capital requirement is going to be the higher of the figure set forth by FINRA based upon the type of broker dealer the firm is OR the total of the firm’s Aggregate Indebtedness. Today, let’s specifically talk about the Aggregate Indebtedness to Net Capital Read more about Let’s Talk Aggregate Indebtedness[…]

Notice to Members 06-23 & Your Firm’s Annual FINOP Review

Back in the early 2000’s, FINRA (then known as the NASD) came out with Notice to Members 06-23 (“Notice”). This Notice goes into detail about the responsibilities of the FINOP. Whether your FINOP is employed full-time in-house or is outsourced, the Notice applies. There are further considerations for the FINOP if the role is outsourced.

The Outsourced FINOP

Running a broker dealer is an expensive task these days – more regulations, hyper focus on transparency in the books and records, and studying all potential fraud risks within broker dealers. Cutting costs can seem like a daunting feat for anyone. One of the easiest ways to manage your broker dealer without breaking the bank is outsourcing your FINOP and accounting roles. To hire the best inhouse FINOP, a broker dealer will require at least an industry experienced accountant/financial officer along with a Series 27/28 licensed FINOP. In addition to salaries, the broker dealer must have benefits in order attract Read more about The Outsourced FINOP[…]

FINRA Report Filing Due Dates for 2022

FINRA Report Filing Due Dates for 2022

FINRA recently released a notice about 2022 and first quarter of 2023 FINRA Report Filing Due Dates to assist members in their financial reporting obligations for Annual Report, Financial and Operational Combined Uniform Single (FOCUS), Form Custody, and supplemental FOCUS Report filings. Remember that all filings submitted to FINRA must be made electronically through FINRA Gateway. Additionally, the SEC has adopted changes to FOCUS reporting requirements in connection with security-based swaps. Prior to implementation of the changes, FINRA will separately provide guidance and instructions for reporting through FINRA Gateway Annual Reports Members are required to file their Annual Report with Read more about FINRA Report Filing Due Dates for 2022[…]