A summary of requirements for Broker Dealers.

Financial Reporting for Broker Dealers

Financial Reporting for Broker Dealers. When you decide to enter the highly regulated broker dealer world, you must arrange to have the properly licensed people registered with your firm. One of those is a FINOP (Financial and Operations Principal). FINOP’s have either a Series 27 license or a Series 28 license. Your broker dealer’s FINOP is required to submit various regulatory filings to FINRA. Note that hiring a bookkeeper or a certified public accountant will not fulfill the requirement of having a licensed FINOP registered with your broker dealer. A new broker dealer, which is defined as a broker dealer Read more about Financial Reporting for Broker Dealers[…]

Filing A Suspicious Activity Report ("SAR")

Filing A Suspicious Activity Report (“SAR”)

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network requires certain financial institutions to file a Suspicious Activities Reports (“SAR”) to report suspicious transactions, as detailed in their FinCEN SAR Electronic Filing Instructions. This blog will go over some of the important aspects of filing a Suspicious Activity Report.

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