This is a summary of the key findings of the SEC's charges regarding electronic communications.

Electronic and Technology Takeaways from SEC’s Billion Dollar Penalties

On September 22, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced charges against 15 wall street broker-dealers and one affiliated investment adviser for widespread and longstanding failures by the firms and their employees to maintain and preserve electronic communications during January 2018 through September 2021 review period. You can read the commissions summary and links for all 15 orders here. Below are some of the key finding and takeaways.  Attestations Alone Don’t Protect the Firm   What’s key about these charges is that many of the Firm’s had procedures, training and even attestations in place for all Associated Persons to document and Read more about Electronic and Technology Takeaways from SEC’s Billion Dollar Penalties[…]

Electronic Storage for Investment Advisers

Electronic Storage for Investment Advisers

SEC Rule 204-2 require that firms make and keep required books and records for prescribed periods, and furnish copies of such records as necessary. Examples of such records include, but are not limited to electronic communication, advertisements, trade blotters, asset and liability ledgers, income ledgers, customer account ledgers, securities records, order tickets, trade confirmations, trial balances, and communications that relate to the firm’s business. Any records that are considered to be “original records” are required to be archived appropriately. Firms that elect to use electronic storage to maintain such records may only do so if they establish policies and procedures to:

  • Safeguard the records from loss, alteration, or destruction;
  • Limit access to the records to authorized personnel and regulators; and
  • Ensure that electronic copies of non-electronic originals are complete, true, and legible.

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