Cyber security is complex and cyberthreats are constantly evolving. Therefore, a substantial challenge that many firms face is that they just do not have the in-house resources available to dedicate a team of individuals to a cyber security program.

Cyber Security – Is the “Blind leading the Blind?”

As consultants, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a proactive cyber security program that is specifically tailored to protect disruption of critical systems as well as protection of sensitive data for both the firm and its customers.

Cybersecurity for Broker-Dealers

As technology continues to advance and broker-dealers become increasingly more dependent on it, the topic of cybersecurity has been pushed to the forefront in the financial industry.  The nature of the industry requires broker-dealers to maintain records of client sensitive information including, but not limited to the following: account numbers, social security numbers, licenses, and  financial condition.  If any of this information is compromised from an outside source, not only will the investor suffer but the broker-dealer may also suffer. Read More…