Compliance Budget

Mid-Year Compliance Budget Planning

Reviewing your current mid-year compliance budget plan and adjusting for the rest of the year is important. With COVID-19 taking up a substantial portion of the first half of the year, your vision and budget for 2020 may have drastically changed.

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Compliance and COVID-19: Opportunities for Growth

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for many financial service firms. Compliance programs are no exception. Firms are generally responsible for building, testing, and enforcing their compliance programs.

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Compliance, Supervision, and Disclosures

Beginning in 2017, the United States Security and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) initiated a series of examinations aimed at compliance policies and procedures regarding individuals within these firms that had a prior disciplinary history.

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Supervisory Responsibilities – NASD Guidance

If you are a broker dealer or a supervisor at a broker dealer, I’m sure you have come across the terms Written Supervisory Procedures, Supervisory Procedures, and Compliance Systems. How many of you really know the difference, and before your eyes glaze over the rest of the article, how many of you know how to properly execute these concepts…. I’ll wait…….

Great! Now that I have your attention, there is no need to panic. The following post will walk you through the differences, some key concepts, practice pointers, and other factors you need to be aware of.

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About Us: Full-Service Compliance Consulting Firm

Securities Compliance Management, Inc., also doing business as MasterCompliance, is a full-service compliance consulting firm, including supervisory, regulatory, operations, financial reporting, accounting, AML audit, procedures, 206(4)-7 annual RIA reviews, technology solutions, etc. (see our websites below for more information on products/services).  We specialize in advising broker-dealers and registered investment advisers on the management of their compliance programs “Compliance Management”.  We are based in Alpharetta, GA (just outside Atlanta) and we currently employ over 20 individuals based in Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Dallas, TX; Raleigh, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Read More…

Regulation Crowdfunding – Part II

[Continued from Regulation Crowdfunding – Part I]

Crowdfunding Requirements for Intermediaries

 The following requirements apply to both broker-dealers and funding portals acting as an intermediary in a transaction involving the sales of securities pursuant to Regulation Crowdfunding (“Regulation CF”):

  • Register with the SEC as a broker or as a funding portal.
  • Register with a self-regulatory organization (“SRO”); the only eligible SRO at present being FINRA.

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2016 Broker-Dealer Training Considerations

Annual broker-dealer training should be derived from relevant regulatory and/or industry focus areas. It is important to consider the current “hot topics” and implement appropriate training regarding the areas that would best mitigate risk when performing needs analysis and developing an annual broker-dealer training plan. Read More…