It has been an exciting year for Securities Compliance Management (“SCM”)

The Ultimate Solution for Compliance Management

It has been an exciting year for Securities Compliance Management (“SCM”). The Firm has successfully: Initiated numerous New Membership Applications (“NMAs”) for new firms seeking the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (“FINRA”) approval, Initiated several Continuous Membership Applications (“CMAs”) for existing firms that are planning to undergo a material change in their line of business operations, Partnered with new broker-dealer and registered investment advisor firms to assist them with their FinOp and/or compliance programs, and Assisted in the buy/sell of existing broker-dealer firms. Along with the new relationships that Securities Compliance Management has established this year, the Firm is also incredibly Read more about The Ultimate Solution for Compliance Management[…]

Buying A Broker Dealer: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Buying A Broker Dealer

Considerations for Buying a Broker Dealer

If you find yourself in need of a broker dealer, you have the option to either buy an existing one or start one from scratch. MasterCompliance has years of experience in both brokering broker dealer transactions as well as assisting our clients create new broker dealers, and in our experience buying a broker dealer tends to be the most popular choice. While the speed and convenience of buying a broker dealer are favorable, there are pros and cons to this option you should consider.

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