Key Steps for Starting a Broker-Dealer

Key Steps for Starting a Broker-Dealer

Individuals and companies desire to start a broker-dealer for many reasons including to facilitate sales, create an entry point for foreign financial institutions, or be a part of a larger financial plan. Some of the benefits to starting a broker-dealer (vs. purchasing an existing one) include saving money on due diligence, having no prior regulatory or financial issues, and the ability to customize it to fit your desired products and business lines. If you are looking for more pros and cons to starting vs. Buying a broker-dealer, read one of our recent posts on the topic “here”. If you decide Read more about Key Steps for Starting a Broker-Dealer[…]

Form CRS Updates in 2020 (Part 1)

Updates to Form CRS in 2020 (Part 1)

The SEC released updates to Form CRS in 2020 with additions to their Form CRS FAQ, this time focusing on the Disciplinary History section. After so many updates, it is a good idea to go back through to refresh your memory.

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