FINRA Rule 4370

Broker Dealers and Business Continuity

Is your broker dealer ready for disaster? Across the United States, various areas are facing disasters – fires in Hawaii, hurricanes in the Southeast, and tornadoes across the Midwest. These are just a few of the situations where Business Continuity Plans (“BCPs”) are imperative to be in place and current. FINRA Rule 4370 requires every broker dealer to have written procedures in place in the event that the broker dealer cannot be available in a time of emergency. Any event that disrupts business as usual gives rise to the needs for BCPs. This includes natural disasters, power outages, even events Read more about Broker Dealers and Business Continuity[…]

FINRA’s Top Priorities for 2021

Highlights from FINRA Small Firm Conference Call: Part 1

Earlier this month, FINRA hosted a Small Firm Conference Call to discuss updates and implications of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). If you were not able to listen to the call live, a replay recording is available on demand. This recording provides and discusses many highlights noted in FINRA’s FAQs Related to Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Teleworking Considerations During COVID-19 Pandemic

Many financial service institutions have been hesitant to create teleworking processes and systems that would give them more flexibility to service clients and build the business. However, within the regulatory framework, landmines appear at every turn.

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BCP and COVID-19: Considerations for Firms

Many financial service firms have written supervisory procedures in place for business continuity planning (BCP). Tucked somewhere on a server or in a binder, many plans have been collecting dust. More than likely, these plans are only taken out during regulatory exams, branch audits, or internal testing.

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