Becoming a Registered Broker Dealer

Becoming a Registered Broker Dealer

When a firm makes the decision to become a registered broker dealer with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), the feelings that follow can be quite overwhelming. Unless one has much experience in the FINRA world, it can be a scary step and possibly intimidating. The mission of FINRA is to work with a broker dealer to ensure investor protection, market integrity, and confirm that the broker dealer’s practices and programs are in compliance with the industry’s rules and regulations. The FINRA institution desires that every broker dealer is successful in mitigating risk for the client and in turn becomes Read more about Becoming a Registered Broker Dealer[…]

Starting a New Broker Dealer

Benefits of Starting a New Broker-Dealer

Since 2003, we have been assisting firms with starting new broker-dealers and the related registration process with the FINRA, SEC, and MSRB. Some of the types of broker-dealers that we have assisted in starting new firms include Investment Banking firms; Private Placement firms; Retail firms with clearing relationships; and Merger & Acquisition firms.

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